Friday, June 29, 2007

MUSIC: Hospital Music

For those interested, Matthew Good's new record is available for some advance listening goodness at his official site. I must say, it's pretty fucking rad so far.

Easy Tiger pickup today as well. This just seems to be my lucky day. I'll report back on that later.

Update: It's here, and it's spectacular. My personal favourite on the first listen is "Halloweenhead," in which the guitar solo is actually announced (something that made me burst out laughing when I heard it). Interestingly enough for Ryan fans, is the inclusion of "Off Broadway" and the reworked "These Girls" (AKA: Hey There Mrs Lovely) from the Suicide Handbook album. So, everyone go buy it. There. That's the review.

I somehow managed to spend a bit more than anticipated on that trip to music world, grabbing Paul Westerberg's soundtrack to "Open Season," and the Best of Sam Cooke (The greatest soul singer that ever lived).

Happy Canada Day to all! Hopefully all of the camping and debauchery in the woods will do everyone some good.

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