Friday, December 14, 2007

Facebook applications: into the 17th century and beyond!

"Friends for Sale?"
"Rate my Friends?"
"Human Pets?"

All of these Facebook applications are getting a bit tiresome, increasingly profoundly ridiculous, and now even offensive.

I was invited by a "friend" (the term itself is beginning to lose all of its meaning I'm afraid, due to this social networking conglomerate) to install an application that lets me assign a monetary value to other "friends" and, in turn, buy and sell said friends. "Hmmm," I pondered, "as fun and entertaining electronic human trafficking seems, I think I'll pass." Another application allows you to collect, and trade "friends" using "Human Pets." I don't feel I'm being indulgent or over-dramatic when I think it's this and other applications like this that are becoming truly offensive when they share certain damaging, extraordinarily shameful qualities with the pre-Civil-War United States South.

That being said, I do enjoy some of these seemingly harmless, borderline-intelligible applications, so theoretically you could go calling me a hypocrite. (You'll notice I added the "Philosophers" application moments ago, enjoying every moment of it.) Am I in a negative, pessimistic mood as I'm writing this? On the contrary. (I just finished an exam in which I mopped the floor with Enlightenment philosophy and the French Revolution. Take that, HIS 2336!)

However, I feel it is difficult to refute there is something truly sad, and wrong about these mind-numbing human-objectifying trafficking applications. So please don't go rating, trading, or purchasing me.

In other, music-related news: Listen to Serge Gainsbourg. For the love of all that is sacred, LISTEN to Serge Gainsbourg.

- Zotch