Thursday, June 21, 2007

BOOTLEG: Matthew Good @ CFOX, and a bit of catch up!

Since Pseudo-Friday (AKA: Thursday) rolled around a bit quicker this week for me, I was a little surprised to find that I hadn't written anything. Today's shitty-cram-post(tm) will hopefully make up for that.

Keeping with the summer theme, Heather has uploaded a spectacular summer mix-tape. Unzip, burn and listen, NOW! Featuring an excellent cover of Kokomo by Ben Kweller (and a bunch of other neat songs I haven't heard before), this is definitely a perfect companion for the summer evening drive.

If you're more the literary type, I suggest you check out Pajiba's list of This Generation's Best Books. Sadly, I've only read one so far, and none of the others are on my reading list. Perhaps someday this will be corrected.

But for now I will settle for re-listening to Matthew Good's set from last year's CFOX "Uninvited Guest" special to support his greatest hits compilation. Short, but sweet, and it was all I could afford the time for today. Enjoy.

Matthew Good - 2005.09.13 - CFOX Uninvited Guest

01 - Intro
02 - Strange Days
03 - Interview
04 - Tripoli
05 - Interview
06 - Generation X-Wing
07 - Commercial Break
08 - Interview
09 - Oh Be Joyful
10 - Interview
11 - Can't Get Shot In The Back
12 - Outro

(Also, don't forget that the Ben Gibbard show is still online.)

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